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Traditionally Wi-Fi signals originates only from a home wireless router, which is located close to the location where your broadband connection is. It is a known fact that Wi-Fi signals weaken when they go through walls and ceilings. You will most likely experience slow download speed or even no connection when you try to access Internet from locations that are away from your main wireless router.

AirTies is changing the way Wi-Fi signals are distributed throughout the home. As Wi-Fi specialists, AirTies make small and sleek Wireless Access Points, which you can easily install in multiple locations in your home, boost signals and speed up Wi-Fi. AirTies Premium Wi-Fi Technology establishes a wireless mesh network between AirTies Wi-Fi Access Points that connect to each other without requiring any cabling between them. That way, Wi-Fi signals originate from multiple hot spots so that every wireless mobile or portable device receives much stronger signal wherever they are.



AirTies Access Points are dual band capable, i.e. they provide Wi-Fi service in both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands simultaneously. That way, 2.4 GHz only or 2.4 and 5 GHz dual band wireless devices can connect the Wi-Fi network wherever they are. However it is up to the wireless device to choose which frequency band to use in order to access Internet.

Unfortunately wireless devices cannot always make the right decision; dual band capable devices usually choose 2.4 GHz band which is low speed and interference prone compared to 5 GHz. AirTies Band Steering technology makes sure that every dual band capable device connect to 5 GHz which is much faster and almost interference free.


Banda 2ghz e 5ghz (Dupla) automática

While streaming HD videos over 5GHz with the super-fast 802.11ac technology, Air4920 also provides the best possible wireless performance for all your legacy wireless devices over 2.4GHz – at the same time from Air 4920!

User Friendly: Configuration at the Touch of a Button

Push the WPS Button on the Air 4920 to securely configure the device on the wireless network. Add more access points and extend the network the same way.

Smallest Dual Band AC1600 Wireless Booster

Ergonomically designed, with a 10×10,8 cm small form factor, takes up minimum space.

100% Wireless Coverage in the home

Delivering reliable, 100% wireless coverage range in every home top to bottom, back to front has long posed a major challenge for many service providers. AirTies Mesh was designed to optimize wireless coverage range in the least invasive and most power efficient manner. By stringing together a series of small, low-power, and smart access points, Mesh ensures 100% wireless coverage in any home.

Auto Mesh increases the efficiency of air time and is particularly beneficial for real time wireless video distribution. It utilizes “per-packet” routing via the most direct path from “server” (which may be the Internet, or another mesh point such as a IP Video box) to each client. In this way, the wireless network map is completely fluid and flexible, never using potentially wasteful static routes. It constantly reevaluates clients, applications and data flows to maximize wireless network capabilities.

Porque não podemos assistir conteúdos em qualquer cômodo ou dispositivo?

  • Mobilidade
  • Crescimento em visualização de conteúdos em dispositivos móveis
  • 77% dos consumidores usam dispositivos móveis enquanto assistem TV (Google)
  • Dispositivos móveis possuem uma Interface de Usuário aprimorada para navegar e socializar
  • Qualidade de Wi-Fi, qualidade de vídeo assim como alta disponibilidade para VOD
  • No Wi-FI convencional, todo o tráfego de internet ou entre dispositivos utilizam de um unico AP (access Point)
  • Sinais RF em 5GHz são propensos a absorção por barreiras reduzindo seu level de sinal
  • Links lentos diminuem a capacidade da rede
  • Wi-Fi vizinhos causam interferência